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Service design is a human-centered approach and method for business development and innovation. By co-creating with people that are interacting with your service or organisation, you generate customer commitment and loyalty towards your company. This approach is applicable whether you are developing services, business strategies or value propositions as well as for more complex challenges of important civic functions and great ecosystems. Service Design or Design Thinking are commonly used to explain the same thing - how to create great customer experiences with and for the people involved.

At Expedition Mondial we have long and profound experience of establishing and developing service design within a wide range of businesses. Our core focus is to help our clients with methods, strategies and the culture change necessary to co-develop their organisation together with their users, customers and employees. We support our clients with true customer and employee insights, enabling them to make sound priorities, investments for their organisation and take strategical decisions.
In a service design project focus lies on creating a profound and deep understanding of users and to involve them in the development of their experience. By doing so, organisations ensure that the services, products and systems they create are based on the reality of people and that they deliver customer and user value throughout the whole user experience and interaction with the organisation.

At Expedition Mondial we believe that the best way to help organisations create value for their users is to enable them own the co-creative capacity themselves. That is why we offer support and competence within user centered development projects or organisational change, as well as training, change management and coaching so that our clients are able to bring forward and build service design capacity inside their organisation. We adjust our methods and way of working to fit the needs, challenges and conditions of our clients - putting them in centre for their own user centered development.
What can we do for you?
Our collaborative clients are our most important source of inspiration. With each project and collaboration we do together we learn and together explore the field of strategic service design more. By some clients we are given the trust of working strategically on a long-term perspective for their organisation, while others turn to us when it's mostly needed for a specific challenge. Here you can read of some our of collaborative projects!
What have we done for others?
We are a team of service designers with a vast experience of developing services, building capacity and advancing service design within a wide range of fields and organisations. We thrive when we are able to work in close collaboration with our clients and partners, developing new ways of doing, thinking and co-creating.
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